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The first line of “Kayip Çocuk | Lost Child” was written when I saw a girl on the television screaming over the death of her father during the Isis massacre of Yezidi Kurds. The girl asked, “Why this is happening? Why can’t you stop this?”
That little girl asked a question in sorrow; it’s a question we all should have an answer to and take responsibility for.
That was the moment Olcay wanted write some lines - in my words I was trying to express the world of that child or many children in wars might feel. I humbly wrote the words at that time, and finalised and recorded the song during the pandemic - again another traumatic period for our children, who were trying to make sense what was happening around them.
I would like to thank Al MacSween for arranging the song with me, Erdi Arslan for his soaring duduk, Dincer Demirci for mixing and mastering the song. I thank Güray Varol for directing and putting my ideas together beautifully in this video. I thank Savaş Alpaltun for his support on the way. I thank Help Musicians UK for funding me to record this song, and Sebastian Merrick, who supported me in the process of making it.

Olcay Bayir, London, 2022

     September, 2022

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